Our focus

is real estate.

Here’s a sampling of the many types of issues we deal with.  We can help you strategize how best to put your deal together and document the deal to protect your interests.  We can also represent you in court if you get sued or a lawsuit is needed to make them take you seriously. 


We handle all kinds of title issues.  Title issues can come up when you’re buying or selling a property and the title insurance company tells you there’s a problem.  We can help you.  Whether it’s a trust deed that was never reconveyed, an easement issue or a forged deed, we can help.  Call us at 949-450-0444 or email us at [email protected]  We try to work it out without filing a lawsuit.  Sometimes we need to file a lawsuit for them to take us seriously.  Either way, we can do it.  


We handle all kinds of loan issues.  Whether you’re lending money or borrowing money, we can help.  If you’re lending money and want to make sure your loan is properly secured by the borrower’s property, we can help.  If you’re borrowing money and don’t understand all those documents the lender wants you to sign, we can explain.  If the borrower is claiming your loan is no longer secured by the property or other problems that prevent you from foreclosing, we can help.  If that loan has turned into a messy fiasco, we can help.  Need more information?  Call or email us. 


If you want to buy real estate with cryptocurrency, we can help.  You may have found out already that it’s a challenge.  We have solutions to most of those problems. Of course, the first problem is finding a seller who will accept cryptocurrency instead of cash.  Once you’ve overcome that problem, we can help you close the deal.  Let us help you prepare the purchase offer and agreement.  We will then help you close the deal.  Need more information?  Call or email us.


We represent parties who have been dragged into a divorce.  We leave the husband-wife and custody battles to the family law attorneys.  Sometimes, however, a third party is brought into the divorce over a loan to the husband or wife, a piece of real estate or a business.  If you’re that third party, we can help.  If you’re a husband or wife and want to bring in a third party, especially over a real estate matter, we can work with your divorce attorney to resolve that issue.  Need more information?  Call or email us. 


We handle the gnarly problems in a probate.  We leave the straight-forward probates to others.  If the trustee or executor needs to file a lawsuit, especially over real estate, we can help.   If the trustee or executor is suing you regarding some real estate issue, we can help.  Need more information?  Call or email us. 


Looking for a mediator?

Need someone to guide you through a mediation you’re facing?  

We can help.  

Mediation is a fancy word for settlement conference.  Typically, both parties hire a mediator to help them figure out a way to reach a settlement.  Obviously, if you had figured out how to reach a settlement on your own, you would have done it and the dispute would be over.  

Mediation makes sense when the parties are far apart and it doesn’t seem like there is any way the parties could reach an agreement.  Time and again, we have seen a case settle after mediation when before it just did not seem possible.  That settlement wasn’t reached in the first hour of mediation.  It often takes a few hours.  

90% of all civil cases settle without going to trial. Given this statistic and the high cost of a civil lawsuit, it often makes sense to try to settle your case sooner rather than later. A mediator or facilitator is committed to finding a settlement that works for all parties.

John Baker can mediate your case to a settlement. He understands the law and he understands what it takes to get people to put aside their concerns so they can reach a settlement. He can help you settle your case.

If you’re facing a mediation, John Baker can represent you at the mediation to get the best outcome possible.  He understands the art of negotiation.  He has studied the dynamics of negotiation and incorporates that knowledge in his negotiations.  

We look forward to working with you.