John Baker of Baker Law Group is a real estate attorney in Irvine.  He brings over 30 years experience of advising businesses and real estate people on their legal strategies.  His clients have included banks, real estate developers, investors and  fiduciaries.

Throughout his practice, he has sought to find creative yet practical solutions to clients’ legal problems.  As he says, he solves problems.

While he has a broad understanding of real estate, he focuses on two areas.  The first is the review and creation of loan documents, including promissory notes, security agreements, trust deeds and other loan related documents.

He also cleans up title, dealing with old trust deeds, easements, and tax liens.  Not only does he draft and review the documents, he also represents clients in civil, probate, as well as divorce and trust disputes and lawsuits.

John first learned the art of negotiating in the open markets of Mexico City, where as a teenager he learned to speak Spanish fluently.  Building on those early skills, he is able to negotiate successful settlements for his clients, no matter how dubious the outlook.