If you are a co-owner of a piece of real estate and either you and your other co-owner cannot agree whether to sell the property or keep the status quo, we can help

A partition lawsuit is one of the most predictable and easy to prove lawsuits there are. 

There are three outcomes.  You buy your co-owner’s share.  Your co-owner buys your share.  Or you sell the property and split the proceeds.  Because a partition lawsuit is so predictable, the parties should be able to negotiate the outcome without filing a lawsuit.  Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary to file a partition lawsuit because you just cannot come to an agreement.  Want to avoid this kind of upheaval?  You might want to all sign a Co-Owner Agreement or Tenants in Common Agreement where you contractually agree what should happen if one co-owner wants to be bought out.  We can help you with all of these problems.  Whether you need help negotiating a deal, preparing an agreement or representing you in a lawsuit, we can help.  Need more information?  Call or email us.