If you have an easement problem or need an easement, we can help

There are many kinds of easements 

There are Express Easements, in which everyone agrees to the easement.  There are also Easements by Necessity, when a property is land-locked.  In addition, there are Easements by Implication, when access has been around for a long time and needs to be formalized, as well as Prescription Easements, when someone has been claiming an easement for at least five years and the other landowner has done nothing about it.  For those times when no other easement seems to work, there is the Equitable Easement.  To be entitled to an Equitable Easement, you have to have had access for a long time and it would be far more impactful to you to lose that access than to the other landowner to keep the status quo.  Still can’t meet the requirements of an easement?  Maybe you can get an Irrevocable License.  It will look and feel like an easement but it will be a little bit short of an easement.

We will analyze your situation and see what works best for you. 

Sometimes you can negotiate an easement.  Other times, you’ll need to file a lawsuit.  Either way, we can help you.  Need more information?  Call or email us.